Licensed & Insured with over 20 Years of Experience

In today's world, it is imperative that we know who we are giving our trust to...  child-care workers,  potential clients, potential partners, potential employees, fiancÚ', volunteers, etc.

Investigation Bureau, Inc. has immediate access to over 20 billion records and state-of-the-art investigation technology to identify and locate suspects, accomplices, witnesses, victims, vehicles, litigants, assets, businesses, and more.

We provide precise, detailed, timely and cost-efficient reports on backgrounds of people and businesses nation wide. 




398 E 33rd ST Suite 201

Hialeah, Florida 33013

Toll Free Number:  800-274-9111

Office: (305) 992-1949   Fax: (305) 883-2270 


  Lic. A9700324


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